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How do you feel about anal sex?

Porn stars, both males and females, make it seem like anal sex is great and desired, and for many it certainly is. However, some fear it for the pain and rumored long term rectal damage.

The pain fear is easily resolved with personal lubricants, especially one like Anal Glide, developed specifically for anal sex, because it includes a topical anesthetic that reduces the discomfort, and the lubricating gel makes the experience exceptionally pleasurable.

While some doctors may state that there are long term damages to the rectum and lower intestines, there is a higher percentage of medical professionals who scientifically show that there is no damage. The anal orifice adapts to the stretch and quickly contracts when the object is removed. Repeated penetration does not leave the anus forever expanded, that is merely an urban myth. The lower intestine is not physically affected, except in cases where the penis or object is of a significant length that it gets past the lower intestine, and that is a decision made before attempting the position.

The whole point of anal sex is to add sexual thrill to the relationship. Breaking out of the box of the ‘norm’! There is no “correct” way to have sex, but rather there are many varieties of sexual experience that may feel “right” at any given time.  Variety is the spice of life and spice makes the intimacy fun. Knowing what the possibilities are and that you aren’t limited to any one of them, and remembering that you have the power to choose whichever type of sexual experience you are up for at any given time, is one of the best ways to avoid the pitfall of an uninspired sex life.

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